The Acceptance Process

So SummerStorm Press has accepted your manuscript or short story? Congratulations! That means we like it enough to put resources, time, and love into your book or story to make it happen. It's nice when someone else thinks you story is good, isn't it?  

Now a fairly normal process ensues. When your manuscript is accepted, several things may happen. You might be asked to make some edits and then submit for our editors' first round of reading and editing. Or you may just be told it's fine to go to our editors as it is. If you are asked to make changes before it reaches our editors, fear not! We liked your story and want it to be the best it can be.

Next, we will send you the first round of edits. You will receive your manuscript back with tracked changes, comments, and highlighting telling you some issues that need to be addressed. If you are not used to criticism, we ask that you prepare yourself. We are not mean or vindictive here at SummerStorm Press, but we do give honest feedback and believe very strongly in constructive criticism. The edits and suggestions we give you must be addressed before we can move on.


During this process, our art team is looking for covers that will help your book stand out and enhance the story. If you know of a cover you would like to see on your book, we encourage you to send it to us! We cannot promise you will get it, but we'd love to see something that made you think of your book.


After that first round of edits is finished, send it back to your editor and we take a look over the manuscript once again. If it's fine, great! We might need a second round though, so don't worry if we send it back to you again. 


Once all that is done, we work with our formating team to get the inside of the book together. We'll make an acknowledgments page, contents page, put in some fancy dingbats if they're needed, and an About The Author page. 


Now the real fun starts! With the formatting done, we'll send you the image of the cover so you can revel in its glory before we send it to all be put together. It is at this point that we will send you the marketing plan, schedule, and promotional images to use on your social media. There is a lot for you to do at this point, so be ready! 


Somewhere along these lines, a preorder link will be available for you to use in promotions. 


As you promote your work, we will as well. After the book is released, a more intensive phase begins. We hope to get you there!   

What you feel but cannot see. Known but still not shown. Before the wind starts to blow, It is the norm. Always calm before the Strom


L.J. Valente