SummerStorm Press Volunteer Team

Executive Editor, Marketing Supervisor 

Abi is an aspiring writer, editor, publisher, dancer, gamer, teacher, and a few other things. She holds a master's degree in rhetoric and writing and a bachelor's in creative writing. She has published several novels and short stories through various publishers across the world. 

She has taught English both as a second language and at the university level for over 6 years combined. She doesn't want any passionate student to be left behind and strives to teach from her life and mistakes. 

Chief Collaboration Officer 

Elias L. L. is a real wizard. When he's not mixing chemicals in a lab or doing hard-hitting research into micro life forms, he can be found slaying enemies online or studying his brains out.

Elias started writing at a young age much like his other siblings. He showed an interest in reading Abi's work and it's been a downward spiral from there. Now he's been roped into helping her start a book production company and can't escape. 

Reader, Consultant 

El (Elise) is an artist by passion & trade who describes themselves as ‘chronically ill and chronically queer’. The themes of El’s work range from colorful and uplifting to surreal and dark, and often include aspects of social justice advocacy. El lives in the country with their partner, dog, two cats, horse, and python.

When they’re not texting with Abi about one of their current projects or bodily functions, El is most likely either making art, riding their horse, or binging horror flicks.

Multimedia Consultant

Lightpanda Films is owned and operated by freelance videographer Anna K. Anna has been making films most of her life in 

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 3.49.08 PM.png

one way or another. Having done work for various companies from staging and esports to photography and headshots, Lightpanda Films does it all. She got her degree from Bowling Green State University and has been working for various companies to expand her limitless genre expertise in recent years. You can find her portfolio at 

What you feel but cannot see. Known but still not shown. Before the wind starts to blow, It is the norm. Always calm before the Strom


L.J. Valente