Author Services

These services are free when you publish under a contract with SummerStorm Press. Not every service applies to a book contract. Some authors might want to use our services and self-publish. We encourage that! If you simply wish to utilize our services without a contract, we can send you a quote.

How it works: read the descriptions provided and decide which service you need. Send an email to with the desired service in the subject line. For example: Beta Reading and Copyedit. Please address your emails "to the editor" and detail what you need in the body of the email. Please attach a sample of the piece you want editing on (note: "editing" refers to any service under the "Editing" section, including The SummerStorm Special and outlining). We will look the piece over with your service in mind and give you a quote. The average is $1 per page for proofreading--that should give you some guidance on what to expect price-wise. If extensive work is needed, the price will be greater.

For marketing: send your email to, putting "marketing" as your subject. In the body of the email, detail your desired service. We will then ask for additional materials and clarification as we go on. Once we know what you want, we will give you a quote. 


All payments must be made when your service is ready to be deposited to you. We currently only accept PayPal.  



Pantsers are taking over writing trends but some still like to outline. An outline destroys writer's block. If you have an outline, you can always write. You know where you need to go and what you need to do. If you need our outlining help, we can get you started, clean it up, hone the focus, get the beats in where they need to be and even get character outlines done with you! 

Developmental edit

This is where you need help during the writing process. Not sure where to go, how to resolve some issues, is your pacing off? Whatever the issue is while you are writing your story, we can help!

Alpha/Beta Reading

An Alpha Reader is someone who reads your first draft (yikes)! We offer comments on specific concerns you might have, tell you about flow, character development, and plot resolution in your first draft. We also offer ideas for rectifying any issues we find. 

Copy editing

This is the step that comes after all the above. We search for style, sentence flow, paragraph coherency, and punctuation. We also will clean up jargon, repetition, and make sure the style is correct for the genre or age range.  


Lastly, proofreading! This is where we look for any typo stragglers, an incorrect article, missing period, and make sure your story is ready for formatting. 

The SummerStorm Special

This is an invaluable read. One of our editors will read your story and give you feedback. This feedback will be lighter than an alpha or beta read, but will let you know several things: is this story publishable, does it have massive grammar issues, is anything just horrible in the story? No comments directly in the document, we write up a first impression and let you have the short and fast of your story. Not for the faint of heart!


Ready to put your book together for an ebook, paperback, or hardback? We can format it for you! You get the last say in the look of your book. We can add anything from the table of contents to decorative dingbats to your final manuscript. We will send you the file ready to be uploaded after you are satisfied with your final product. We also format short stories for Kindle.  


Graphic creation

Have you seen those neat little graphics people share with a 3D mockup of their book and a tagline? We can make that for you! All we need to start is your book cover. SummerStorm Press has invested in mockup software and can make you a clean graphic that will be accepted by Facebook and IG for ads, group sharing, and promos.

Marketing schedule 

Not sure when to post what or where? We have a simple, month-long marketing schedule that we can send you and tailor to your audience and needs. This is something you can use again and again. You could make it yourself, but why not let us do it for you? When coupled with our graphic creation, we'll cut you a discount!

Book Trailer

We will make a custom 30-second trailer highlighting the essence of your book. Complete with music, optional voice over, special effects--this trailer will be the item to use in promotional posts, ads, and on your social media!

Release events

For each anthology and novel we have released, we host our authors with guests, giveaways, and audience interaction. You don't have to be a SummerStorm Press author to set up an online event! We will plan, gather your fellow hosts, create graphics, organize giveaways, and set up an online release event for you.

Local event set up

Care to show up at a con? Do a reading at a library? Partake in a local author fair or teach a workshop? We can find and book those events for you! 

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