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David Green Author of The Saviors (The Saviours)

Closing out our author interviews, we have the prolific David Green. His future sci-fi story shows us a bleak, not too distant, future.

  1. Do you remember the first story you wrote? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I do, as it wasn’t all that long ago! It’s a story called “A New Challenge,” which is an almost completely true story about my time as a manager of a Build-A-Bear Workshop, in a time where I was severely depressed, in my mid-20s, the only male working with a shop full of teenage girls, and the only person who could fit into the six-foot-two mascot suits. It’s a good time for everyone (not me) and the story is online somewhere...

2. The writing community is full of different kinds of writers. Do you consider yourself an author, writer, poet, storyteller—or something else? Why/what’s the difference to you?

I think the only one there that’s different is a poet, though I’m not saying a poet can’t write fiction and vice-versa, it’s just another writing discipline. I guess I refer to myself as a writer, but I tell stories and I’ve authored books so who knows? Tell me which is the right answer!

3. What is your primary genre and what drew you to it?

I’m a fantasy reader first and foremost and have written in that genre, but I go where I think a story fits well - sometimes that’s fantasy, sometimes it’s horror, occasionally it’s real-life! I just tell people I write Dark Fiction, it’s a nice out.

4. What genre would you consider the story you wrote for Winter’s Vindication?

Why did you choose to write outside/inside your genre?

My story “The Saviours” is sci-fi dystopian. I went in that direction because it just matched with the kind of story I wanted to tell, and because I’d wanted to write something like it for a while but hadn’t found the right call.

5. We had a hard time finding enough fantasy stories to fill the quota. We got SO MUCH science fiction submitted to us! Do you have a theory why so many short stories are science fiction?

I think with the winter fall, people’s minds automatically go to nuclear winter but with a twist! I hope you get lots of fantasy stories for your Portals call, and not so much sci-fi there ;)

6. What is one writing quirk you have that you would like to train out of yourself? How are you doing that?

I write a lot of my first drafts in my natural dialect and accent and have to always clean it up. Weirdly, it’s not the dialect, it’s the narration voice. I guess it’s because it’s coming from my head - so I have a lot of “me head” instead of “my head.”

7. What is your favorite story or novel you have written (published or not)?

I’m not the best person to answer this, as I’m massively critical of my own work! People seem to have enjoyed my novelette Dead Man Walking, and my beta readers for the sequel (The Devil Walks In Blood) say that’s better. I think “The Saviours” in Winter’s Vindication is fun though, in a dark way!

8. Lastly, what are your writing goals for 2021?

I have to write 4 novels so far, and I have a few Summerstorm Press anthologies I have my beady eyes on...

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Twitter: @davidgreenwrite

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