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Christine Watts Author of "For Humanity"

Our opening quote in the anthology comes from the harrowing story by Christine Watts.

1. Do you remember the first story you wrote? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

The first story I wrote was a novel called The Guardians, written when I was seven. The book followed the story of a girl named Kate who accidentally fell into a portal inside a TV and was transported to another universe, where she had to save the Guardians, who were the heroes of that universe, from death.

2. The writing community is full of different kinds of writers. Do you consider yourself an author, writer, poet, storyteller—or something else? Why/what’s the difference to you?

Personally, I write for the sake of expressing a message to my readers or to myself, whether it be a poem, a diary entry, or a full novel. Or sometimes, I write because I just want to get some words down. And so, I would consider myself a writer because I feel the label of being a writer encompasses all those aspects.

3. What is your primary genre and what drew you to it?

My primary genre is probably a mix of adventure and romance because it’s what my mind usually strays to whenever I write. And the mixture is easy to work with; adventure keeps the tension going throughout my work while romance gives my characters something to fight for.

4. What genre would you consider the story you wrote for Winter’s Vindication? Why did you choose to write outside/inside your genre?

I would consider my story as part of the survival genre. But thinking of whether or not the genre is inside or outside of what I usually write does not usually come to mind when I’m writing a story; I just let my imagination take me wherever it takes me.

5. We had a hard time finding enough fantasy stories to fill the quota. We got SO MUCH science fiction submitted to us! Do you have a theory why so many short stories are science fiction?

No idea.

6. What is one writing quirk you have that you would like to train out of yourself? How are you doing that?

I daydream a lot. Sometimes I zone out during conservations or simply stare at a spot on the wall because my imagination won’t stop running. And once I let it take control, it’s hard to stop thinking about the different possibilities my new idea/characters could take. However, in addition to writing, I also like to code, and so I usually turn to my programs in order to regain my focus and give myself breaks from the writing world.

7. What is your favorite story or novel you have written (published or not)?

My favorite novel is probably I Amsterdam because it was the first novel I ever finished. It’s a young adult romance that explores the idea of finding someone after you have lost yourself.

8. Lastly, what are your writing goals for 2021?

I hope to finish my current fantasy novel, Twisted Destiny, and publish my YA novel, I Amsterdam.

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