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Author Interview: Katie Jordan

Looking for a story a little close to home that ends up somewhere you never expected? Check out Katie Jordan's story in our upcoming anthology!

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

Freedom! I love hopping from genre to genre, writing chaotic family dynamics one day, and high fantasy the next.

What is your genre? Did you write outside your preferred genre for this anthology?

Good question! I challenge myself to dabble in every genre, while also working towards finding my niche. Currently, I'm gravitating toward fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, and women's fiction. Another World is definitely in my wheelhouse.

Are you a pantser or a plotter? Why?

I'm a mixture of the two. I let short stories lead me where they may, but constantly alter outlines during longer-length projects. It's fun to make things up as I go, but editing is smoother if I stay on course.

What is your favorite thing you've written?

FALLING is my favorite story. Daniel is stuck in a meaningless existence working at Davies library until Violet is hired as the children's librarian. When Violet becomes sick, Daniel realizes how discontent he is without her. Daniel must decide—will he continue with his current life, working day-in and day-out, or abandon everything in pursuit of love? This story is not yet published. I subbed it to an anthology submission deadline that doesn't end until the end of February 2022. (I'm a self-admitted cover snob, and fell in love with the visual appeal and premise of the book).

What inspired the story you wrote for Another World? What was your writing process like for this story? Was it different from your regular workflow?

'Hardcore fantasy' was my first thought during brainstorming. I intentionally went a different route, beginning my story with an office vibe. I was a receptionist over a decade ago and often draw on that experience to describe mundane occurrences, striving to make them realistic and intriguing. Another World has a gorgeous cover. I loved the portal challenge! I started writing this fairly close to the deadline, and worked diligently to get beta readers and make corrections. I love the pressure of writing on a strict timeline, so it worked out.

Lastly, what is a piece of writing advice you'd give seasoned or new writers?

Writers are emotional people. On your journey you will come across fellow writers who are unpleasant, and those who are unbelievably kind. Forge ahead, bask in kindness, be grateful for advice, accept feedback, celebrate growth and success, and refuse to acknowledge bitterness. At the end of the day its your journey and no one is keeping track of your failures except you. Don't hold back.

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