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Author Interview: Kate Seger

Wrapping the anthology is Kate Seger's otherwordly fantasy story about a girl who was in the right place at the right time. Her story takes us on an adventure that is just the start of a longer story...Much like our own!

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

For me writing is a magical act of creation. Whether it's a new universe or a new character it's a form of escaping from the every day to a world where anything can happen.

What is your genre? Did you write outside your preferred genre for this anthology?

I write in a couple genres. YA Fantasy is the main one, which this story fits right into. I also write Dystopian Romance and Romantic Supsense.

Are you a pantser or a plotter? Why?

Panster for life! Outlines and plotting are, for me, basically a waste of time. My characters guide my writing, and they tend to do what they want... regardless of what plans of made for them. I create my characters, give them a start point and an endpoint, and let them figure out how to get there.

What is your favorite thing you've written?

This is hard. Probably my short story Scylla which is in the Beguiling Beasts anthology. It's a retelling of the origin story of Scylla the sea monster from Greek myth, and I really feel like I nailed the voice and love the story itself.

What inspired the story you wrote for Another World? What was your writing process like for this story? Was it different from your regular workflow?

I started with the idea of a girl stuck in a tree, with hounds below her waiting for her to fall to her doom. What would happen if, when she fell, she landed in a different world? This was actually a tough story for me to write. My mother was terminally ill at the time, and passed away in February while I was still working on it. There were a lot of fits and starts and I found it was hard to get out of my grief and write, but I somehow forced my way through it and I'm glad I did.

Lastly, what is a piece of writing advice you'd give seasoned or new writers?

Trust your process. Be open to trying new things, but if something works for you, embrace it and go with.

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