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Author Interview: Kara Race-Moore

The author of the upcoming story An Amethyst Remembrance took time to sit down and answer a few questions we have gathered up that might be interesting to our readers!

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

Seeing what happens when worlds collide and magic meets the real world.

What is your genre? Did you write outside your preferred genre for this anthology?

I write fantasy and sci-fi, as well as some horror. I loved writing this portal fantasy because it was a chance for me to explore what a doorway to another world could be like.

Are you a pantser or a plotter? Why?

I'm more of a pantser. I start with a central idea or scene or character and work outwards from there.

What is your favorite thing you've written?

Tough call. I'd say the short story 'A Candle in the Darkness' - I like to describe it as a Robin Hood Christmas story without Robin Hood or Christmas! I explore what if Maid Marian was Pagan, and keeping on the Old Ways. I had a lot of fun writing it - and it was an exercise in imagination as I described the cold, snowy woods while hunched over a laptop in shorts and tank top in a sweltering apartment in July!

What inspired the story you wrote for Another World? What was your writing process like for this story? Was it different from your regular workflow?

I was inspired by Emily Dickinson's poem 'An Amethyst Remembrance' (Also referred to as 'I held a Jewel in my fingers'). My usual process is to start with research and that is what I did here - I looked up what an amethyst is and its history, which led me to the meanings astrology assigns to semi-precious stones, which lead me to lithomancy, which eventually, through twists and turns, lead me to lithium, and suddenly all the pieces fell into place and I knew the whole story.

Lastly, what is a piece of writing advice you'd give seasoned or new writers?

I was in a writing workshop once where the teacher talked about the importance of "priming the pump." She described how you have to work the handle of a well pump several times and at first, just leaves and slush come out, and then the water flows - and it is the same in writing - give yourself time to warm up and just write whatever when you sit down, don't beat yourself up because perfection doesn't flow instantly on the page.

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