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Author Interview: Daniel R Robichaud

The genre-bending story by Daniel R Robichaud enchanted us right from the start with his unique characters. Not a traditional portal story, but one that for sure belongs in our collection!

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

I enjoy listening to my characters and watching them go through these strange plots and stories. Sometimes they are comforting, sometimes they are disquieting, but I am never bored seeing what happens and finding as good a way as possible to communicate this to others.

What is your genre? Did you write outside your preferred genre for this anthology?

I am a crime, fantasy, and horror writer. Some might argue these are all variations on a single theme. My story fits nicely into the fantasy genre, but it's a lighter spin than my usual.

Are you a pantser or a plotter? Why?

Generally, I prefer to write my way through a story. If I cannot guess where I'm going then no one else can either!

What is your favorite thing you've written?

Years back, I wrote "Big Night For Daddy's Little Girl," a flash fiction piece that appeared as the first installment of the Hellnotes fiction line. It was a tip of the hat to the kinds of shorts Joe R. Lansdale did back in the 1980s, and it was a lot of fun to write (though ultimately a disturbing yarn). It ranks among my favorite things. Of course, the story I'm working on right now is shaping up to be another favorite.

What inspired the story you wrote for Another World? What was your writing process like for this story? Was it different from your regular workflow?

Inspiration arrived when I heard the protagonist in my head. Working a day job in the company of engineers in the oil and gas industry, it's hard not to hear some unique voices. Well, this time around I found myself in the company of a psychic mechanic with a lot of stories to tell. That said, the story sure took its time. It did not flow the way some other stories do.

Lastly, what is a piece of writing advice you'd give seasoned or new writers?

Find the joy in what you do. If you can't be entertained by what you're writing then no one else will be either. Writing is a fun job.

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