Our Mission and Transparency Pledge 

Our mission is to enrich the lives of storytellers and their communities; to foster education and support in the publishing world.

SummerStorm Press is an independent author service for aspiring writers. We believe in following the traditions of those publishers who came before and do our best to lift authors up. Our mission is to give first time and struggling authors a leg up when they embark on their publication journey, allowing them to manage their own creative journey.

SummerStorm Press does not believe creative writing and storytelling are for the pursuit of fame and riches. While we are a small operation, we give our all to get authors started. We take a percentage of royalties made from novel-length book sales and offer one-time payments for each story accepted into our anthologies. The profits from those book sales go to helping SummerStorm Press stay afloat as we give our knowledge and effort to our authors. Money made by the sales of our books goes right back into the production of the next book. Our goal is not to make you rich or ourselves rich. Our goal is to get your story out there and accessible in an edited, formatted, and covered package with a small marketing strategy behind it. We want to give you something you can share, but is also a tool to use in marketing yourself.


SummerStorm Press strives for transparency. We hardly offer custom covers and we do not guarantee sales. We believe in fostering our community and giving you a product you are proud of. We are not New York hardened publishers and creative wizards. But we are here to help. We have experience in the self-publishing world and want to offer that knowledge to aspiring writers of all ages and creators as best we can so they may learn from our mistakes and take advantage of our help. Transparency also means communication. Where some publishers are hard to get ahold of, SummerStorm Press will always get back to you with a knowledgeable and, above all, kind reply.     

Our mission is to get you started on the rest of your creative life. We pledge to do our best with our resources and experience to launch you and your stories. As our resources and community grow, so will you! We train the horse, then hand you the reigns! 

What you feel but cannot see. Known but still not shown. Before the wind starts to blow, It is the norm. Always calm before the Strom


L.J. Valente