Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my shipment?

Good question! You should receive tracking information when you place your order and it is confirmed. If you did not receive tracking and confirmation, check your spam folder. Still can't find it, reach out to us at and we will help you track down your shipment. 

Did you receive my manuscript/story?

Yes! All submissions will be replied to with an automatic reply letting you know your email did in fact go through and we got it. However, it is up to you to attach the file!

How long until I hear back about a submission?

For the anthologies, you will hear back no later than three weeks after the deadline with an acceptance or rejection. If you have not heard back, you can inquire to the email address provided to all who submit.

For manuscripts, you should hear back from us within a month. If you have not, please inquire.

What do I get paid for my story or manuscript?

We pay $10 for all accepted stories in our anthologies. We pay 20% royalties on the percentage SummerStorm Press makes from all sales. This varies from project to project, depending on the price and cost of each project. We pay all royalties exclusively through PayPal. If you are unsatisfied with your royalties, be sure to check out our Mission Statement and the payment section of the contract.

How should I format my manuscript?

Please see our guidelines under our For Authors tab for exact specifications. 

Will my manuscript or story be rejected if I do not format correctly?

Sadly, most likely. Please be respectful and read the submission guidelines before you submit. There is a chance an editor will read your submission despite the formatting, but it will make the process more difficult. 

If my story is not on theme with the anthology, can it still be accepted?

No. Each anthology is specifically themed for marketing, tone, and aesthetic. Each call for submissions is announced with time to create a new, on-theme story specifically for the anthology. 

Is there a submission limit per anthology?

You may send in two stories per anthology and have up to two accepted per anthology. For manuscripts, just submit one at a time and do not submit a second until you have received an answer for the first. 

My manuscript is not finished, can I still query? 

Yes! Please see the submission guidelines for how to query us.


Do I get author copies?


For anthologies, you will have the opportunity to purchase author copies at a discount via a form. For each accepted and produced manuscript, SummerStorm Press will send you one paperback copy for marketing and your own bookshelf! You will also be given a link to a form to order your own, discounted author copies of your work. We recommend selling copies at your in-person events (at full price of course!).  

When do I get paid?

For anthologies, you will be paid within a week of publication. Most authors choose to put that money towards author copies of the anthology. For manuscripts, you will be paid royalties every quarter.

How do I know if I have sold any books?

If you are curious about how many units you have sold before the quarter ends, please reach out to our author support via email and a representative will be with you as soon as they can with your count. You will also receive a unite count with every royalty check each quarter.

I haven't made a lot of profits from my books. What do I do?

This market is a hard one to break into. SummerStorm Press will do everything in its power (which is growing as we grow!) to market your wonderful work. We want our authors to help out too--this is why we provide you with promo graphics and a marketing plan. As we stated in our Transparency Pledge, seeking fame and riches is not the point of SummerStorm Press. For more in-depth help, please reach out to the author support. If you have further questions regarding issues with sales, please see your contract.  

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