Anthology Submission Calls

Winter's Vindication 

Nuclear winter. The frozen plains of the wild west. The ice-capped mountains of a dark wizard. Modern cities drowning in dunes of snow. Wherever or whenever the story takes place, winter is the worst enemy and is the deadliest monster chasing the hero. Survival is almost impossible as the sun hides behind billowing, gray clouds. The wind chaps their flesh. Whether the world has been covered in a 100-year winter or the snow has just started to fall, inciting an anticipated panic, Winter’s Vindication is at hand.

Stories of fantasy, sci-fi, literature, and/or survival are acceptable genres. Stories between 5,000 and 9,000 words will be selected for this anthology. Submissions close November 15th, 2020. Tentative release date: January 15th, 2021. 

Please see the submission guidelines on how to submit to this anthology before you send your story.

Pay: $10 per accepted story.

Another World: Stories of Portal Fantasy

Through the wardrobe, into the woods, going under a mysterious highway bridge, crawling into a cave, logging in to an online game, escaping into a world within your own--wherever the portal is, you no longer are. In this anthology, a collection of portal fantasies follow protagonists from all parts of our world into a new, fantastic reality. These portals could lead to another planet, a different reality, a magical land in need of a savior, or a past version of our world steeped in steam, magic, or over-run by a villainous overlord.  

Stories of fantasy, LitRPG, sci-fi, literature, steampunk, time travel--so long as someone from one world passes into another--are acceptable. Stories between 5,000 and 9,000 words will be selected for this anthology. Submissions close April 15th, 2021. Tentative release date: June 15th, 2021.

   This anthology is rated PG-13. 

Please see the submission guidelines on how to submit to this anthology before you send your story.

No reprints, no simultaneous submissions. 

Up to 2 submissions per storyteller. 

Pay: $10 per accepted story.

Title Coming Soon!

Title Coming Soon!

Other Submission Calls


SummerStorm Press is looking for a short story or poem--suitable for a female narrator--to turn into an AudioAdventure! What’s an AudioAdventure, you say? 
 Short stories: between 1000 and 2000 words (less might be considered if they catch our attention) 
Poems of 900 to 1500 words.

Please put "AudioAdventure Submissions" in the subject of the email. 
We are looking for stories that would be suitable in a female narrator’s voice. This does not mean your story or poem needs to be about women or have a female MC. We are interested in literature, philosophical musings, speculative fiction, and horror. 
We will not hold any exclusive publishing rights to the printed story or poem and the author may do what they will with the print rights. However, we will have a contract for the audio production so please do not download the AudioAdventure and upload it somewhere else (we upload to Youtube currently).
There are no royalties for this project. In place of royalties, you will receive a beautiful, finished audio product free of charge to share, use to promote yourself, and link to all your social media sites.
Please see our standard submission guidelines before you submit to ensure we read your submission (submissions that do not follow our guidelines will most likely not be read).

A sample can be found on our homepage.

What you feel but cannot see. Known but still not shown. Before the wind starts to blow, It is the norm. Always calm before the Strom


L.J. Valente

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