Anthology Submission Calls

Wicked West


Ghosts. Demons. Phantom trains. Haunted prairies. Ancient curses. Mysterious shamen. The west is wild and full of danger, rogue gunslingers, mysterious women, monster hunters. The one-road towns are caught in the middle of hellfire and damnation. If only a hero would rise and wield the light to banish the shadows.  
Where the tumbleweeds blow, the blood flows in this re-imagining of the wild west. The samurai cowboy walks alone into a saloon to meet an eccentric inventor, a woman of the night moonlights as an assassin, witches run the infirmaries. Anything haunted or demonic goes in this lawless western world. 
The catch: a hero must rise. These light-slinging, demon-slaying, witch hunters aren’t all good folk. Some of them were just in the right place at the right time. They may not agree with the creed behind their gifts and weapons, but they wield them all the same. 
Stories of fantasy, sci-fi, literature, steampunk, crime, mystery, shootouts--so long as the wild west is present and the weird is strong--will be acceptable. Stories between 5,000 and 9,000 words will be selected for this anthology. Submissions close August 15th. Release: October 2021.

   This anthology is rated R. 

Please see the submission guidelines on how to submit to this anthology before you send your story.

No reprints, no simultaneous submissions. 

Up to 2 submissions per storyteller. 

Pay: $10 per accepted story.

Colors That Paint My Life (Charity)

This is a CHARITY, BUY-IN anthology. 

Buy-in: $10

All money raised from buy-ins, pre-orders, and sales (during the month of September, which is national suicide awareness month) are going to be donated to NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness. Info here: ). 

Our cover has been created and donated by Nikki Antonian and all editors and readers are donating their time and effort.


The call

We are looking for pieces about living with and/or surviving long-term depression. These pieces may be fiction or non-fiction. They may be traditional stories or pieces of contemplation. The only thing these stories MUST have is a bright ending. We know that life doesn’t stop when you close the cover. We know you do not have all the answers. We just want moments of light, encouragement, and hope at the end of the piece. We want our readers to feel encouraged, like they are not alone, and know that their chapter has not come to a close. Even if you feel like the moment you want to write about “has never happened to someone else” do it anyway! It probably has and someone desperately needs to hear it. 

Stories between 500 and 5000 words will be chosen for this project. We will also be accepting poetry. 

Writers may send in up to five pieces AT ONCE. Please attach all submissions in ONE email. If your piece is accepted, you will be notified and be asked to pay the buy-in. You will only pay the buy-in ONCE. If you send in five pieces and have five accepted, you will only pay the $10 ONCE. 

Because of the nature of this project, you may write under a pen name (even if you previously have not) or choose to have your name omitted from the project for your privacy. We will still supply you with marketing graphics suitable to your chosen method so you can still advertise the project.     

Please note: we are still not accepting pieces that overtly use/are about/mention current events. 

Please follow our guidelines and send submissions to

No reprints, no simultaneous submissions. 

No limit on submissions per storyteller. 

Pay: $10 per accepted story.

Title Coming Soon!


Title Coming Soon!


Other Submission Calls


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We are closed to Audio Adventure submissions right now. Check back soon!

What you feel but cannot see. Known but still not shown. Before the wind starts to blow, It is the norm. Always calm before the Strom


L.J. Valente