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What Is SummerStorm Press?

 At its core, SummerStorm Press is an independent author service dedicated to launching authors on their publishing journey through creative anthologies and production deals.

SummerStorm Press has existed in some form or another for quite a whileIt wasn't until the founder, Abigail Linhardt, was traditionally published in January of 2019 by a small publisher that SummerStorm Press began to grow and become more than a dream and folders full of ideas. 

Going into self-publishing, Abigail felt alone and overwhelmed by the process. This is what she hopes to change for future self-publishing authors. SummerStorm Press strives to offer advice, act as a sounding board, and share everything they have learned to give first-time and struggling authors the launch pad they need to get started on their creative journey as a storyteller. 

SummerStorm Press Author Services



A professional edit is available even if you do not want to publish with us. We offer all levels of editing. Contact us to decide which one you need. We will see you through the entire process of writing or the final copy before you submit to an agent or publisher. Email us for a quote on your manuscript!



Marketing is hard. We can't guarantee you will sell a million copies, but we advertise in our market for you and help you figure out your own advertising. We meet you half-way and help you get your book into online groups, lists, competitions, and will find you live events to appear at! We also give you a calendar for marketing and promo images to use. 


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What you feel but cannot see. Known but still not shown. Before the wind starts to blow, It is the norm. Always calm before the Strom


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